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Suzhou has become the physical distribution machinery Limited company since to establish boldly, throughout take creates the first-class physical distribution product as the goal, promotes the cargo handling and the cargo lifting job positively toward is more secure, the convenient direction develops, implements the performance fast advanced material transporting solution for the client. The company through the ISO9001-2008 international quality system certification, the product through the authoritative organization certification, is a Jiangsu Province defends the contract, defends the credit enterprise.

The company area 8000 square meters, the workshop 5000 square meters, the attendance is known as " the heaven on earth, the land of plenty " the laudatory name south of the lower reaches of the Yangze River center, south depends on Suzhou, north depends on Wuxi, east approaches Shanghai and Nanjing to be high speed, west neighbor Tai Lake, the transportation convenient looks at the pavilion town.

The company devotes for a long time to the aluminum alloy series moving platform, the manganese steel series hydraulic pressure moving platform and each kind gets on a vehicle bridge's research and development production. After the unremitting research exploration, accumulated the rich design, the manufacture experience, in which we unceasingly has also studied the overseas vanguard technology and the design proposal, let the product and strives for perfection externally in the craft. The company has from the material handling, the processing, the spray coating complete set manufacture and the check-out facility, the strict production management, the rich specialized experience are produce the high quality product the powerful safeguard. Our product broad application in profession domains and so on automobile, machinery, electron, electric power, energy, the user spreads the state-operated Major industry, the transnational big company and often exports countries and so on Europe and America.

Company's superiority lies in the introduction advanced except the rust device, the product completely after sand blasting abrade processing, is the present is thoroughest, efficiency highest except rust method, the manual polish is faster than and is clean, the surface was smooth, added with the paint between adhesion, could lengthen the paint the durability, the outward appearance craft is exquisiter.

Our company has been accepted the Chu grain qualified supplier (the Chu grain, namely the Chinese Grain reserves Control Corporation, the Chu grain corporation is entrusted the State Council, is responsible for the central grain reserves specifically the management and operation, to the central grain reserves' total quantity, the mass and the storage secure negative total responsibility, simultaneously accepts the national request executing cooking oil buying and selling accent to save and so on regulative tasks/role. The corporation under the national macroeconomic regulation and control and the management by supervision, implements operates independently, assumes responsibility for own profits and losses. The corporation principal work scope is: Cooking oil warehousing, processing, trade and physical distribution, warehousing engineering research, service. )

Company's superior energy Yu Qigao quality, and the professional outstanding person team, the team and follows " the quality not to have the slight defect, the service throughout is not nitpicking " the management idea, by understands the client demand fast, provides comprehensive, secure, the highly effective work high above the ground and the cargo lifting plan validly promptly.