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Product guarantee support

Becomes boldly follows “the quality not to have the slight defect, the service are not nitpicking” the management idea throughout, pledged that all products do not have the craft or the material flaw, and devotes for the client to provide quickly, specialized, the thorough service.

Becomes boldly provides gets up from the product risk transfer to the customer 12 month-long quality assurances, the above quality assurance stipulation is not suitable for the normal loss situation. If the customer detects the mass flaw, and the product still in the maintenance, the customer might send the guest to take the telephone to become boldly, we will determine that promptly product in material or craft whether to have the flaw, if the existence flaw, will become the basis situation free to visit boldly in the first time to repair either the replacement product or the service, this will be the compensation completely which the bold geminate customer will provide.

Because besides the above guarantee the bold doubling the product misuses in the customer, the product selects the product flaw claim or the guarantee claim which improper either applies improper occurs, becomes boldly does not undertake any responsibility. Becomes outside boldly the guarantee which makes explicitly, becomes boldly has not made the applicable legislation outside to stipulate that any shows or other guarantees silently.

Suzhou becomes physical distribution Limited company's all products to undertake the liability insurance boldly by the Chinese Union Property insurance Company.