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Product sale service

The user in the shaping phase, Our company is willing for you to provide each kind of technical capital to inquire, when good gives advice, and provides the related technical data, like product sample, product instruction booklet, product structure drawing, appendix design drawing and so on. When necessity may participate in the design special requirement the product, the technical parameter which the computation user requires specially.

The user in the shaping phase, Our company welcome the user to become the company to Suzhou to carry on the scene inspection boldly, Our company will provide all conveniently, and provides each kind of information.

Comes the electricity regarding the user, the incoming letter and comes the person inquiry to inquire that Our company the warm in reception, gives promptly the answer, cannot produce the product temporarily regarding Our company, must to the user explain that the reason and supplies the information, introduces other units.

After contract sign, Our company welcome the user to send for to implement to Our company near makes, Our company accredits the personnel to the user to coordinate positively, and provides in the life convenient, accredits the related product manufacture mass opinion to the user which the personnel proposed, Our company will give takes seriously and improves.

Product when shipping out, if detected that has leaks supplies, wrong for or little supplies in the appendix quantity the question, Our company after receiving the notice, sends for to the scene to carry on the service and processing immediately. In user use process, if detected, because Our company aspect's responsibility causes the product quality question, Our company after receiving the notice, guarantees in 24 hours to give the answer, to needs to send for to process, guaranteed that sends for immediately to on the spot the free trouble clearing, causes the product to put the operation in the shortest time, does not need to arrive at the scene service, a settled good advice, provides the best processing plan for the user.

Our company sends for to the user scene service, should decide the date of arrival with the user call, because if some kind of objective cause, cannot arrive as scheduled, must the prior notification user, and explained that the reason or took the corresponding measures, guaranteed that the user is not lost or falls the loss to the lowest degree.

If recognized after both sides, determined Our company makes on the reason to create the product quality problem, but cannot continue service time, Our company is responsible for “three packages”, provides repairs, exchange guaranteed, the guaranteed return of goods if unsatisfied.

If the user order's product has installs the demand, we have the special technical personnel, provides visits to install the service or on-the-spot guidance service for the user. After the product mass maintenance to the installation and trial run to end, one year, later we will provide the product lifelong to visit to service.