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Development Goals

The adjustment enterprise industrial structure, forms the place industry prop, develops to the industrial group direction, enhances the technology content, creates the famous brand goods, the enhancement economic potentiality, contributes to the society is getting bigger and bigger.

> enhances the enterprise scientific style, the standardized management level.

In the brand strategy implementation's entire process, after the market investigation and study, the market subdivides consumer's demand is the premise, from the content to the method, until the process, insists scientific the principle, moreover the brand strategy is defers to certain rule to carry on, implements the brand strategy unceasingly, enhanced the enterprise scientific style, the standardized management level in the implementation.

> raises a professional quality high, the business capacity strong staff team

The brand strategy implementation's process, is the market economy theory enterprise business strategy theory and the practice union process, is the theory and the practice union process, is the theory in reality utilization process. Through brand strategy implementation, since general staff's in working practice utilization ability, the market keen strength, the insight, controls the market ability enhancement, also strengthened own professional quality, has raised the management and operation ability, gained in the management and operation experience, must make the function which the brand strategy displays its should have, must study unceasingly, practice unceasingly, improves own professional quality unceasingly in reality again.

> strengthens enterprise's whole competitive ability, enables enterprise's potential to obtain the use maximum limit

The brand strategy is in passes through in the full investigation and study foundation to enterprise's existing management commodity to utilize all effective measures, promotes the realization of goods work. Enterprise's commodity resource, the human resources obtain the use. Through the practice brand strategy, promoted the brand realization of goods scope to rise greatly, enables the sales program to implement smoothly, enterprise's goal interest obtained stably. The profit implemented strengthened enterprise's emulation strength, sharpened the resistance risk ability.

> overall and local coordinated, the related strategy utilization achieves the optimization

Not only brand strategy in some brand management and operation one kind of guiding principle, moreover must involve the enterprise management and operation the parties concerned. All involve the whole the related strategy to take the brand strategy as the core, the display function. Only the implementation brand strategy, other such as talented person strategy, the public relations strategy, the price strategy and so on various strategies only then can play the role.