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Telephone solution

Suzhou becomes boldly provides serialized the service to meet the client need. Becomes boldly the telephone technical support service is for the purpose of the first time fast correct processing partner the question, provides beside the good time and the good time overtime long-distance telephone technical support. Through this service support plan, you may obtain in this service explanation stipulation time section through the telephone become the technical support service boldly.

Online solution

Suzhou becomes all terminal client which faces in the service life to be possible boldly to enjoy the Web support and to become the technical support service boldly. If the product breaks down, the client may register directly through the Internet becomes the website to serve the special area boldly, the search inquiry special product service or informs to become the client to visit boldly to provide the technical personnel and needs the part.

Visits the solution

Suzhou becomes this service which provides to be restricted in only boldly in mainland China zone. When the client meets the question when this zone, but is supporting its product any country or the zone requires to obtain the global service. The service regulation and the part goods supply situation will differ from in the different country or the zone. The client should be clear, is away from the product locus and the traffic condition influence, each region will provide visits the service reaction rate to differ from.

The moving platform (SJG SJY) cannot work reason

> looks up the voltage first to be whether normal.

1. whether to have lacks the phenomenon whether

2. electrical machinery do work

3. whether to reverse

4. limit switches, line to be whether complete whether

5. emergency limit switches do have the foreign matter deactivation

> the moving platform can work, but rises not to arrive

1. oil levels are too low

2. pressures are too whether low

3. limit switch work is too early

4. sustaining valves drop the screw to have emergency become less crowded

> the moving platform can work the arriving, but has from falls the phenomenon

1. sustaining valves drop the screw to have emergency become less crowded

2. valve cores had the foreign matter deactivation

3. cone-way valves have the foreign matter

> the moving platform can rise, but cannot drop

1. descending stroke switch whether deactivation

2. buttons are whether complete

3. valve core whether deactivation

> the moving platform can drop, cannot rise

1. rise limit switch line is whether complete

2. rises the button to be whether complete

3. emergency limit switch whether deactivation

4. pressure regulator valve pressure is too low

> moving platform routine maintenance maintenance before

1. works every day, must exam various spare parts, the screw, whether to have becomes less crowded whether

2. various hydraulic units do have the oil leak phenomenon

3. refuels regularly to each kind of active organization before

4. gets off work, to the total power source cut-off

The migration gets on a vehicle the reason which the bridge (DCQY) cannot work

> manual pump and fuel tank

whether 1. oil suction pipe screws do become less crowded

whether 2. fuel tanks do have the oil

whether 3. oil ducts do have the oil leak

whether 4. oil drain valve screws do screw tight

Gets on a vehicle bridge (DCQ) not to be able fixedly to rise the reason

whether 1. voltages do have lack

2. electrical machinery work whether round of extension

3. pressure regulator valve pressure is too low

4. key station surface can rise, the tongue board cannot raise

5. small cylinder whether oil leaks

6. adjustment pressure screw has becomes less crowded

before 7. gets off work, the total power source cut-off

Aluminum alloy elevator (GTWY) common breakdown solution

> the power light is not bright

Examines looks up in the wall socket whether to have the power source, tows the forming block and plug line two whether to shut.

> cannot rise, can drop only

Whether examines looks up a traveling schedule dozen of jail, under has a liking for is separated has the 5mm traveling schedule, on the Matushita four traveling schedule lap's small screw, resets the traveling schedule inner spring then.

> can rise only, cannot drop

Examines looks up the solenoid valve indicating lamp to be whether bright, according to battery case's in drop key, if the solenoid valve lights a lamp not brightly, then exams solenoid valve two whether to shut or the pine falls.

> rises and falls from falls, rises and falls from rises

Examines looks up in the solenoid valve whether to have the garbage, if the useful gasoline clean or blows down with the air-gun; Whether the examination rise battery case kneading board does have the moistness, uses electricity the blowing drying up then.

> rises and falls when the start can the normal climb, rise and fall to one half:00 cannot rise and fall

Trades starts the electric capacity then.

> Drill tubing oil leak

Examines Zha OXING to seal whether to damage, replacement seal.

> rises and falls up and down shivers, vibration

Examines looks up in the sliding way whether to have the finely ground particles, garbage, if has the clearance to be possible.

> the elevator has the very big static electricity

Builds with the hard product then.

> has not dropped in the electricity situation

With drops emergency, counterclockwise rotation.

> adjusts the speed

Adjusts right side the festival solenoid valve the second nut, approves with a character adjusts clockwise---Slow (drop); Anti-clockwise adjustment---Quick (drop)