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The sale on commission is generally refers to the dealer and the Manufacturer or the supplier reaches the protocol, the buying and selling designates the commodity in the stipulation deadline and the zone. In the sale on commission situation, between the supplier and the dealer is one kind of business relates. Says from the legal relationship, between the supplier and the dealer is myself to myself relations, the dealer is purchases the cargo by own name, resells when the stipulation area, is also carries on by own name, operational risks and so on commodity price fluctuation need to undertake by dealer.

The sale on commission may divide into the common sale on commission and the sole agency. In the sole agency situation, will stipulate generally dealer lowest transaction quantity, do not sell on commission other supplier product which will emulate and so on.

The proxy is refers by the proxy or the trustee gives the business agent by “the sales commodity power of attorney”, the business agent acts the trustee in the sales proxy permission to collect the order form, to sell as well as handles the sales related transaction. The proxy and the sale on commission in congruent relationship's aspects and so on continuity and long-term, sales territory's constancy, business volume limit, to unfair competition's limit have the similarity, therefore in the actual service, some people will act wrongly and the sale on commission jumbles together.

Specifically speaking, the proxy and the sale on commission mainly have the following several differences:

(one) acts both sides are one kind of agent relate, but sells on commission both sides is one kind of business relates.

(two) acts is by the trustee is the manufacturer name sale, the sign sales contract, but the dealer is engaged in the sale by own name.

(three) business agent's income is the commission revenue, but dealer's income is the commodity business's price difference income.

(four) says from the legal relationship, the proxy behavior is the trustee behavior, the business agent the civil behavior legal consequences which occurs in the scope of authority belongs to the trustee with the third person between (supplier), but between the dealer and the user occurs the civil behavior's legal consequences must undertake by its.

Sale on commission and proxy difference

Both's difference mainly in does have involves in the right to the ownership of goods. The proxy is only plays the vector effect between the round turns, the composition transaction, earns the commission. But sells on commission refers to the commodity which manages has the property right independent management.

The dealer and the business agent besides the property rights which has to the commodity are different;

Also has the following several aspects:

First, both's profit extraction mode is different, the former is increases price the sale, obtains the operating profit. The latter sells according to the regulated prices, earns the commission is also so-called deducting a percentage;

Second, both's management permission also differs from, the former may manage the multi-varieties - - even to manage competes, the latter management category are few, generally does not manage the emulation brand;

Third, the manufacturer is different to both check's difficulty degree; Is different to both's cost investment