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Mast lift platform with motorized wheels Mast lift platform with motorized wheels

HOCEN aerial work platforms are light weight, compact, durable, easy to use and cost effective. The ideal choice for a wide range of applications. Motorized wheel mast lift platform is more easily to set it up and get to work within minutes, providing the all-around tool for almost any access applications, convenient to maneuver, usable in many indoor or outdoor construction and maintenance applications with high efficiency and productivity.

It is widely used in factory, hotel, building, shopping mall, station, airport, stadium, also can be used to lighting appliance, and others aerial maintenance or installation.

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1. Motorized wheel mast lift platform advantage:

--Convient to ship or move with light weight and small volume;
--Easy to operate with electric touch button;
--More safety with emergency button during working;
--Clear to confirm whether mast lift platform and the groud are in same level with level instrument;


2.Main Features:

1.Most rigid aluminum alloy profile;

2.Auxiliary platform lowering;

3.Multi-guide pulley on mast;

4.Durable base system;

5.Chassis with level gauge;

6.DC working power on the platform;

7.Easily rolls through a narrow space;

8.Emergency stop button;

9.Over load protection;

10.Built-in pressure release valve;

11.Dual activated up/down switch;

12.Locking Key Switch.

2. More details:



Motorized wheel mast platform specification:

Type Model Table max.height(mm) Max.working height
Rate load
Platform size
Power voltage
Overall size
Single mast lift GTWY4-100 4 5.7 125 0.51*0.55 AC220/50HZ 0.75 185 1.05*0.88*1.70
GTWY6-100 6 7.7 125 0.65*0.61 AC220/50HZ 0.75 210 1.20*0.88*1.70
GTWY8-100 8 9.7 125 0.65*0.61 AC220/50HZ 0.75 220 1.20*0.88*1.98
Double mast lift GTWY6-200S 6 7.7 200 1.36*0.61 AC220/50HZ 1.5 320 1.48*0.9*2.06
GTWY7-200S 7 8.7 200 1.36*0.60 AC220/50HZ 1.5 335 1.48*0.9*2.06
GTWY8-200S 8 9.7 200 1.36*0.60 AC220/50HZ 1.5 385 1.48*0.9*2.06
GTWY9-200S 9 10.7 200 1.36*0.60 AC220/50HZ 1.5 450 1.48*0.9*2.06
GTWY10-200S 10 11.7 200 1.36*0.60 AC220/50HZ 1.5 490 1.48*0.9*2.06
GTWY12-200S 12 13.7 200 1.46*0.60 AC220/50HZ 1.5 560 1.58*0.9*2.06
Mult-mast lift GTWY13-250S 13 14.7 250 1.56*0.80 AC220/50HZ 1.5 920 1.69*1.13*2.48
GTWY14-250S 14 15.7 250 1.56*0.80 AC220/50HZ 1.5 980 1.69*1.13*2.48
GTWY16-160 16 17.7 150 1.48*0.80 AC220/50HZ 1.5/0.75 1400 2.26*1.2*2.08
GTWY18-160 18 19.7 150 1.48*0.80 AC220/50HZ 1.5/0.75 1500 2.26*1.2*2.18
GTWY20-160 20 21.7 150 1.48*0.80 AC220/50HZ 1.5/0.75 1600 2.26*1.2*2.28

Q:What is the difference from mobile scissor lift and mobile aluminum aerial work platform?

A:The main difference is from the structure and the material

The scissor lift is in scissor structure with steel material

The aerial work platform is in mast structure with aluminum material


Q: How is that for quality control in your factory?

A: The quality control is strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system. When the products are finished, the inspection is 100% executed strictly.

1.Strict quality control system on the whole process of production

2.Imported key arts to ensure the high quality of our products

3.Advanced equipment and tools for examination and quality control

4.100% strict examining products before shipment

5.All the quality complaints and improvement requirements are always studied seriously, if reasonable, put into practice immediately.

Q: What is the delivery time for your goods?

A: it is 30days after order confirmation.

Q; What spare parts that you can offer?

A: Find the list below which we are offering with the machine when shipment for free.

Item Model Quantity
O-Shape Rubber ring 40x3.1 4
O-Shape Rubber ring 11x1.9 2
O-Shape Rubber ring 40x30x6 1
Screwdriver #4 2