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Mobile scissor lift platform Mobile scissor lift platform

Mobile Scissor lifts are also called mobile scissor aerial work platform; they are used to provide temporary access for people to a high and inaccessible areas on a variety of job sites, such as maintenance, construction work or emergency access by firefighters. They are designed to lift limited weights, which can be fully operated by a single person. They are narrow enough to be used in industrial and can be driven through narrow aisles easily.

The scissor structure enables reliable stability when the lifts rising up, the broad platform and the high loading capacity get the aerial working more efficient and more safe.

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1. Mobile scissor lift advantage:

--the main structure of high-strength manganese steel

-- protection device against overloading

-- Protection device against dropping

-- urgent descending device

-- liability insurance of product quality by PICC

--option DC/AC

2. Safety Precaution:

1) The operation voltage on the platform is 24V;

2) Emergency stop button on the platform and ground

3) Auxiliary platform lowering

4) Telescopic legs on the chassis

5) Hose burst valve safety

6) Rain-proof design electric cabinet

7) Fence on the platform

3. More details:


Mobile scissor lift specification:

Model Capacity Min./Max. platform height
Platform size
Lift time
Net Weight
SJY0.3-3 300 870/3000 1400 x 700 20 1.1 380V/50Hz 420
SJY0.5-4.5 500 930/4500 1400 x 850 30 1.1 380V/50Hz 580
SJY-0.5-6 500 1130/6000 1800 x 880 58 1.1 380V/50Hz 820
SJY0.5-7.5 500 1460/7500 1800 x 1000 60 1.5 380V/50Hz 1150
SJY0.5-9 500 1600/9000 1800 x 1000 65 1.5 380V/50Hz 1300
SJY1.0-9 1000 1780/9000 2000 x 1200 64 2.2 380V/50Hz 1860
SJY1.0-12 1000 1780/12000 2450 x 1350 70 3.0 380V/50Hz 2360
SJY0.5-12 500 1780/12000 2450x1350 74 2.2 380V/50Hz 2100
SJY0.5-16 500 2050/16000 2750 x 1500 81 3.0 380V/50Hz 2680

And we accept the customized as your requirement!!

Q: What is the difference from mobile scissor lift and mobile aluminum aerial work platform?

A: The main difference is from the structure and the material.

The scissor lift is in scissor structure with steel material

The aerial work platform is in mast structure with aluminum material


Q: How is that for quality control in your factory?

A: The quality control is strictly in accordance with ISO9001 quality management system. When the products are finished, the inspection is 100% executed strictly.

1.Strict quality control system on the whole process of production;

2.Imported key arts to ensure the high quality of our products;

3.Advanced equipment and tools for examination and quality control;

4.100% strict examining products before shipment;

5.All the quality complaints and improvement requirements are always studied seriously, if reasonable, put into practice immediately.


Q: What is the delivery time for your goods?

A: it is 30days after order confirmation


Q: What spare parts that you can offer?

A: We provide following spare parts freely for your maintenance of the machine:

Item Quantity
Fuse 3
"O" Rubber Seals Φ11 3
Wrench 1
Pressure Oiler 1
Cross Screwdriver 1
Straight Screwdrive 1