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Three packages of services

Suzhou becomes the physical distribution machinery Limited company to follow “the quality boldly not to have the slight defect, the service throughout is not nitpicking” the management idea, under the product quality powerful safeguard, devotes for the client to provide quickly, specialized, the thorough service. Provides the excellent service for the client to win throughout as the company the market the pass to be healthy. In any zone, can obtain becomes the professionals to be most prompt boldly the high quality service.

Becomes boldly to the client guaranteed: All products do not have the craft or the material flaw, if detection flaw this company according to the country quality requirement, implements three package strictly:

First, in ten days return goods

a, the client receive the product does not conform to in the ordering requirement stipulation, creates cannot use normally.

b, the product existence cannot use the flaw normally which and is unable repair.

Second, one month exchange guaranteed

a, the client receive product and ordering product model not symbol.

b, creates the product damage in the delivery transportation process, is unable to repair.

Third, one year provides repairs

From product date of one in year delivery, in normal service condition, because the product quality reason (uses and so on artificial reason not to belong to the equipment failure improper which maintenance scope) creates, free maintenance.

Besides the above guarantee, becomes boldly has not made any other guarantees, because misuses regarding the directory product, selects the directory product flaw claim which improper or applies improper occurs occurs, becomes boldly does not undertake any responsibility.